It pays to breed and race California breds!


There has never been a better time to breed and race California-breds! With restricted purses worth more than $16 million, and valuable incentive awards available for breeders, owners and stallion owners totaling an additional $14 million, it truly does pay to race Cal-breds.

Each racing association in the state is required to offer at least one Cal-bred restricted race per day and allocate at least 10 percent of their total stakes dollars to Cal-bred restricted stakes. The latter has resulted in a stakes program that has 60 races with purses totaling more than $6 million.

By law, approximately 10 percent of the total incentive program revenues are allocated to the Cal-bred race fund. This fund is used to supplement Cal-bred stakes purses, including a large portion for Cal Cup purses, Cal-bred maiden allowance purses, and promotion of Cal-breds in general. The marquee event for Cal-breds each year is the California Cup.  This celebratory event, inaugurated in 1990, is the highlight of the racing season for California breeders.  This special day provides California breeders and owners an opportunity to showcase California’s finest Thoroughbreds. Cal Cup also features an infield theme party, which includes a fantastic array of food, drink and entertainment in a festive atmosphere that everyone looks forward to each year with great anticipation.

Through the years, California-breds have distinguished themselves in some of the nation’s richest races against the best competition of their respective eras. Click here for a list of the top Cal-bred money winners of all time.