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Sullivan, Salinger Receive Scholarships

August 2017

The California Thoroughbred Foundation is the custodian of one of the West Coast’s most prestigious equine art collections, much of which adorns the walls of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association’s Arcadia offices. One of the standout pieces is an original, centuries-old portrait of one of the world’s most influential stallions by one of Europe’s most important equestrian artists.

A painting of oils on canvas titled Leamington, 1857, by A. F. (Alfred Frank) de Prades, features a profile of the great horse, with a jockey astride, set on a grassy knoll against a cloudy sky. Leamington was arguably one of the most important sires of the second half of the 19th century. Foaled in England, he raced from age 2 through 7, winning six stakes, including the prestigious Goodwood Stakes in 1857, the year the painting was completed. He was imported to the United States in 1866, where his offspring included Aristides, winner of the first Kentucky Derby in 1875, and Iroquois, the frst American horse to win the Epsom Derby and St. Leger Stakes (1878). He was North America’s leading sire four times (1875, 1877, 1879, and 1881).

De Prades was a French-born equine artist born in 1820 and was a prominent painter between 1844 and 1867. While contemporaries may be better known, de Prades’ art was greatly valued by owners and his portraits remain rare commodities. His paintings were exhibited at the British Institute from 1858-67, and at the Crystal Palace in 1889. He was known for his highly colored, impeccably drawn horses, which were finished with refined oil paint. In addition to horse racing art, de Prades is cherished in the art world for his Russian, Spanish, and military subjects, all of which featured horses as prominent and essential elements. De Prades died in 1890, and his work continues to be highly prized with collectors around the world.

De Prades’ oil painting of Leamington was so well respected and sought after that a full-color poster print was produced and sold by an English print company in London. Both the original and one of the poster prints are among the CTF’s art collection.

The California Thoroughbred Foundation

The California Thoroughbred Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of equine research and education. Since 1958 the Foundation has operated as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that can accept tax-deductible contributions. For more than five decades the CTF has sponsored numerous research and educational projects and awarded scholarships to veterinary students at U.C. Davis and Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona.

The Foundation maintains the Carleton F. Burke Memorial Library, one of the most extensive collections of equine literature found anywhere. Several generous donations of book collections and artwork form the core of the library, which is housed in the CTBA offices in Arcadia. Among its 10,000 volumes are current veterinary publications, turf histories, sales catalogs, and books spanning a wide range of subjects from equine nutrition and care to fine arts. The latest instructional videos also are available for viewing in the library.

The resources of the CTF’s Carleton F. Burke Memorial Library are available to the public for research and pleasure.


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