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Generous Donors Make Foundation Projects Possible

March 2016

The California Thoroughbred Foundation sincerely thanks the following for their generous donations supporting our programs.

Frank & Marysue Aldrich
Rozamund Barclay
Katey Barrett
Candace Bibby
William N. Brooks II
Bonnie Acres Ranch
Melinda Brown
Lawrence Dean Cancellieri
Robert Cannon
Jeanne Lapeyre Canty
Lou & Jane Castruccio
Romeo Corriente
Richard W. Craigo
David C. Currie


Gloria Elio
Tracy Gantz
Jane Goldstein
Gail Gregson
Daniel Hof
Denise Keck
John Lanza
Team Macpherson
Ronald A. Mayo
McShane Racing
Teresa McWilliams
Janice M. Moody
Moss Foundation
James Murphy
Erik P. Nygaard


Daniel C. ONeill
Linette & Doug O’Neill
Ada Gates Patton
Rodney F. Pitts
Michael Reif
Tom & Missy Robbins
Sal & Cristina Saggese
Melanie J. Schow
Frank P. Santilli
Samantha Siegel
George E. Small
Michael Talla
Marcelite Troeger
Peter W. Tunney

The California Thoroughbred Foundation

The California Thoroughbred Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of equine research and education. Since 1958 the Foundation has operated as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that can accept tax-deductible contributions. For more than five decades the CTF has sponsored numerous research and educational projects and awarded scholarships to veterinary students at U.C. Davis and Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona.

The Foundation maintains the Carleton F. Burke Memorial Library, one of the most extensive collections of equine literature found anywhere. Several generous donations of book collections and artwork form the core of the library, which is housed in the CTBA offices in Arcadia. Among its 10,000 volumes are current veterinary publications, turf histories, sales catalogs, and books spanning a wide range of subjects from equine nutrition and care to fine arts. The latest instructional videos also are available for viewing in the library.

The resources of the CTF’s Carleton F. Burke Memorial Library are available to the public for research and pleasure.


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