Application for Membership

Become a member of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association.

Pricing Information

For questions or comments, please email or call (626) 445-7800 ext 243.

The fees for Membership are as follows:

Husband and Wife $125.00 per year: All benefits but only ONE voting privilege

Single Person $125.00 per year

Joint Membership $175.00 per year: Provides both husband and wife with membership benefits and voting privileges for EACH.

Corporate Membership $175.00 per year: Membership in the name of the Corporation with all membership benefits, plus ONE vote for the Corporation.

Associate Membership $125.00 per year: Offers those who are planning to participate in the industry either as an owner of breeder. All benefits but no voting privileges.

Junior Membership $40.00 per year: No voting privileges. Either school age (through age 18) or college age (19-21).

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