Cal-Bred Registration

Please read the Rules for Registration below.


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The Breeder or owner of a “California-bred” horse shall register such horse with the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association (for Thoroughbreds), hereby officially approved by the board as the agency for such registrations, attesting that the horse is a California-bred as defined by these rules. No breeder shall be entitled to the Breeder’s Award until the horse is so registered.


At California Thoroughbred race meetings, the amount of 0.54 percent on track and 0.54 percent off track of all parimutuel pools is deducted as takeout and transferred to CTBA for distribution. A further amount equal to .07 percent of the handle is specified for owners premiums and transferred to the CTBA for distribution.

The CTBA shall distribute such funds to the breeder of registered California-bred Thoroughbred horses finishing first, second, or third in any race run in California and graded stakes run outside California but within the United States. Breeders will receive 75% of the remainder of the total incentive award monies after owner awards are paid, with an individual breeder receiving a pro-rated share of the breeders fund. The maximum purse considered earned in any qualifying race within this state shall be $330,000 for a win, $120,000 for a second and $90,000 for a third place finish. For races run outside this state but within the United States, the maximum purse considered earned shall be $165,000 for a win, $60,000 for a second and $45,000 for a third place finish.


There is a charge of $100.00 for CTBA Members or $200.000 for Non-Members to be paid at time of application, for each foal registered by September 30 of the foal’s YEARLING year. For all applications made after September 30 of Yearling year but before January 1 following, there is a charge of $125.00 for CTBA Members or $250.00 for Non-Members, and there after the registration fee will be $750.00 per foal.

Application may be made by mail (must be postmarked by appropriate deadline date) or in person at the office of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association. Application blanks must be completed legibly in ink or on typewriter and must be accompanied by fee and by Jockey Club certificates. If desired, application may be made in advance of receipt of Jockey Club certificates to escape penalty for late filing, but no actual registration will be made until certificates are available.

The California Thoroughbred Breeders Association has been designated by the California Horse Racing Board to administer the California Incentive Awards Program (breeder awards, owner awards and stallion owner awards) and to act as paying agent for those funds. For this reason, changes of address should be reported promptly to its office.